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Now Get Live alerts of Each Gls Tracking Id you added after Login. Enter your Gls Tracking Number to Dashboard Tracking Widget and Auto Email Tracking Notification will be started when your package,consignments and parcel get updates.

Try GLS Tracking Package details. Enter GLS Tracking Number here. We provide fast GLS Shipping ( Sendungsverfolgung ). We support International GLS tracking with Germany, Italy ,UK, France all European Country.

Want  to track package with GLS ?

Gls Tracking is quite easy to get, but the major question is that, from which country you are operating and you can have different details in entire Europe. Because GLS is an international logistics service company having headquarters situated in Amsterdam- The Netherlands. This logistic company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal Mail Group of the United Kingdom, which also operates the Royal Mail as well as the Parcelforce Worldwide in the United Kingdom.

GLS parcel / gls suivi service are available for parcels sent to destinations in the entire Europe, the delivery completed within 24 & 96 hours from the dispatched time. GLS provides its services from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. They also offer FlexDelivery Service for their domestic shipments in countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium,  Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, and Slovakia. International shipment is also available between Austria & Germany.

qu’est-ce que le suivi Gls ?

gls suivi  est assez facile à obtenir, mais la question majeure est que, à partir de quel pays vous opèrez et vous pouvez avoir des détails différents dans toute l’Europe. Parce que GLS est une société internationale de services logistiques dont le siège social est situé à Amsterdam, aux Pays-Bas. Cette société logistique est une filiale en propriété exclusive du Royal Mail Group du Royaume-Uni, qui exploite également le Royal Mail ainsi que le Parcelforce Worldwide au Royaume-Uni.

GlS colis / gls suivi service sont disponibles pour les colis envoyés vers des destinations dans toute l’Europe, la livraison terminée dans les 24 et 96 heures à partir du temps de répartition. GLS fournit ses services du lundi au vendredi pendant les heures normales de bureau. Ils offrent également un service FlexDelivery pour leurs envois intérieurs dans des pays comme l’Autriche, la République tchèque, la Belgique, l’Allemagne, les Pays-Bas, la Hongrie, la Slovénie, la Roumanie et la Slovaquie. L’expédition internationale est également disponible entre l’Autriche et l’Allemagne.

Glimpse of  GLS shipment tracking  [Sendungsverfolgung ]

  • All the GLS shipments are trackable or traceable & GLS provides delivery notification on all shipments.
  • All shipments are also signed, also provided with a digital recipient signature which is available online.
  • The delivery service of the GLS provider offers for continuous shipment tracking service.
  • In some countries, GLS offers shipment tracking & delivery notification in real-time.
  • Parcels can be traced using the Parcel Number /using their Track ID, which one can find on the GLS notification cards.
  • The following is the easiest way to trace your parcel :
  • just enter your tracking/tracing number & you can see where your shipment is. You can even stay notified with email notifications if you would like. You can check your parcels anytime and anywhere with Parcel Monitor – simple as well as easy.
  • To have an option for your email feature & you will never miss any status updates of the GLS package
  • You would just have to click the “Get Updates” button & they will keep you informed in your selected/preferred language that you would never miss a package again
  • You can track your shipment on the following site;

GLS Tracking number – What is the GLS Parcel number, and how can you find that?

GLS-Parcel Tracking

The tracking number is of 8 alphanumeric characters, for example, 00A6Z78A, or sometimes in a series of 11 digits like 36631234567. If you are having a FlexDelivery Service, then you can find it also on your email/text, which would inform you the estimated delivery date & time.

What to contact GLS ?

If there are more questions as welll as other queries their outstanding services would always help you, you can contact them at their head office of GLS B.V. is below :-

GLS International Support

Breguetlaan 28-30,1438BC Oude Meer, The Netherlands.
GLS can also be contacted by email at
calling +31 (0) 20 6587 717

For more information on the GLS Group or for contact information for national partners, visit

GLS For the UK:

The registered address of GLS Group’s partner in the UK, is Siskin Parkway West, Middlemarch Business Park, Coventry, CV3 4PF. Or you can also send them an email on their partner’s email, may also be contacted by email at

GLS service team in Germany:

For shippers: Mon – Fri 8 am to 6 pm

Packages status tools From GLS Tracking

You can Use our Free and Captcha Free tools for GLS Tracking package tracking. With our Package tracking tools you can get real time Event to event data about yourGLS Tracking shipment, GLS Tracking Packages and GLS Tracking Parcels .

Our GLS Tracking API Benefits

With our Service, visitor can get fast packages status of GLS Tracking directly. Developer can contact us to use our API for direct access with our Project.

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