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Get Canada Post Tracking Alerts & Canada Post History

Now Get Live alerts of Each Canada Post Tracking Id you added after Login. Enter your Canada Post Tracking Number to Dashboard Tracking Widget and Auto Email Tracking Notification will be started when your package,consignments and parcel get updates.

Canada post Tracking service free and fast to track your packages @ Trackingi.Com. Canada Post is focused to serving innovative physical and electronic delivery solutions that create value for our customers, employees and all Canadians. Canada Post Tracking is the where the Canada post customers checks their package delivery status. Enter Canada Post Tracking Number above input & Enjoy Tracking.

How track packages with Canada Post ?

To track your Canada post package, simply enter its tracking number, delivery notice card number, or reference number in online Track tool. Instructions to utilize the web based tracking apparatus. You can track a post and packages with official online Track system at tracking page.  To begin, you’ll need one of the accompanying the following steps:

Canada post tracaking
Canada post tracaking – Canadapost.Ca
  1. Go to Canada Post official Tracking Pages Here at tracking page
  2. Ready your Tracking number from your receipt or Email or from the following Options :-
    1. Delivery notice card that you got via the post office
    2. Tracking number received by an Email from Vendor websites like amazon, Etsy or Ebay.
    3. Reference Number via Media above mentioned.
  3. In the Tracking Number(s) box, enter a tracking number of canada post.  To track status of more than one bundle, press Enter and afterward type another tracking number.

What is Canada Post tracking Number ?

Your Tracking number is situated on your receipt or legitimately on your package. It is number with 16 Number digits or 13 Alphanumeric pattern. Lets go in details here :-

  • 0000 0000 0000 0000 – 16 digits Numeric :- On your receipt or directly on the parcel.
  • AA 000 000 000 AA – 13 digits Alphanumeric :- On your prepaid customer receipt.
  • 0000 0000 0000 – 12 digits Numeric :- Priority Worldwide – On your receipt or on your Priority waybill

When tracking information unavailable for Canada post ?

Don’t worry if faced this. This is means it has to be updated in a moments. The possible reason are the followings :-

  • Due to package was not scanned on time.
  • When Packages are at Rural or foreign postal areas.
  • Packages sent to the USPS or International couriers with following services.
    • Small Packet
    • Light Packet
    • Letter-post

What are the different status during tracking Canada post parcels?

There are different type of status reflected with time span from Package request to pick up to warehouse up to package delivered to recipients. Lets know how.

  • Label Created : A message without a progress bar indicates that a domestic shipping label has been created, but Canada Post has not yet received the item for processing.
  • Package Accepted : An Accepted bar with an arrow in the middle indicates your international item is en route to Canada. An Accepted progress bar with the arrow at the end indicates that Canada Post has received your package for processing. The date we received it appears below the bar.
  • In transit : The arrow and the green colour move along the progress bar to indicate your package is en route to a postal facility at the destination. The arrow and the green colour continue to progress as your package nears its destination. The current date appears below the In transit section of the bar.
  • Exception / Delay : A Check delivery progress bar with an arrow halfway indicates the delivery of your package has been interrupted. In Track, check the delivery progress section below the progress bar for specific details.
  • Returned to sender : A Check delivery progress bar with an arrow at the end indicates your package has been returned to sender. The progress bar will not track the delivery of the returned package but updates will display in delivery progress, below the progress bar.
  •  Out for delivery  : An Out for delivery progress bar indicates your package is on its way to its final destination.
  • Notice left : A partially-filled bar that says Notice left indicates that your delivery can’t be completed as expected, and your item will be taken to the nearest post office. We’ll tell you where and when to pick it up when it is available.
  • Delivered  : A full green Delivered progress bar indicates your package has been successfully delivered.


Packages status tools From Canada Post Tracking

You can Use our Free and Captcha Free tools for Canada Post Tracking package tracking. With our Package tracking tools you can get real time Event to event data about yourCanada Post Tracking shipment, Canada Post Tracking Packages and Canada Post Tracking Parcels .

Our Canada Post Tracking API Benefits

With our Service, visitor can get fast packages status of Canada Post Tracking directly. Developer can contact us to use our API for direct access with our Project.

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  1. I sent my gift from Australia to the post office as my previous gift sent to their residence was never found. My friend Wala was asked for a tracker but as I sent from Australian post office the only tracker given was to me. We don’t have trackers for other countries.
    Post office today said my gift would be returned. Is it possible to please stop this. Today is 25th. You can stop it at Vancouver if it has been sent so soon.


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